Justice in a Changing Climate

JCC's logo by Leah Jensen
when she was a
CUCC 4th grader
On May 20, 2007, the congregation voted to embark on a congregation-wide initiative to seek to address the challenges of global climate change and its impact on those least able to prepare.  With a history of advocacy for justice for people with the fewest material resources, we hope to contribute that perspective to the network of faith and community groups engaged with this challenge. We commit to lead by learning and acting. In particular, that we educate ourselves; change our practices; and provide an interfaith religious focal point and leadership on climate change and advocacy.

Current projects

Carbon Neutral CUCC - Might CUCC create a step-by-step plan to become carbon neutral?  Join the group doing the research so we can present a proposal to the congregation.  Our long term dream - not only would CUCC move toward carbon neutrality, but we would provide inspiration and practical how-tos to other congregations on the same journey.
Farm to church CSA - Our climate change work is always justice work.  Might churches in Wake County form a CSA with local black farmers?  This multi-congregation project is in early development so there is lots of room for your ideas and energy.
Composting at CUCC - Even during a pandemic we can compost together.  Bring your compostable items to our industrial composting bin in the CUCC courtyard near the kitchen.  Read the resources below to find out what you is compostable so we don't contaminate the compost used by local community gardens and farmers.

Our grounds - an interconnected habitat - Using local plants, maintaining a National Wildlife Federation-certified wildlife habitat, and keeping our grounds safe for community and CUCC use requires lots of hands. Whether you volunteer to water the children's Plant a Row for the Hungry garden, fill a birdbath, or spend a day weeding and raking, you are welcome here.
Pre-weatherization - CUCC, Raleigh Friends Meeting, and NCIPL have been doing clean outs and repairs of homes in our area so that the homes can then be weatherized for free.  Our preparatory work leverages federal funds to pay for professionals to insulate the home or install a new HVAC system.  Most of our work is low-skill - moving boxes away from walls,  emptying an attic and hauling unwanted items to the landfill. Friends are welcome. 
CUCC Climate Communication Google Group -  Exchange details about climate science, upcoming events for action and learning, and best practices for steps to take at home. Request an invitation at cucc-climate-communication@googlegroups.com
Cooperative recycling - bring your CFL bulbs (long and curly) and batteries to Jane Smith who makes occasional trips to the hazardous materials center for Wake County on behalf of CUCCers.
Anyone at CUCC is welcome to join the work of the Justice in a Changing Climate Steering Committee or one of the projects.  Much of the steering committee's work happens by email.  To be added to the conversation or for more information, contact Gary Smith.

CUCC Solar Array Project
Our solar array, funded by the congregation and wider-community, was installed in 2015.

carved bowl and stand
City of Raleigh Award
Community UCC was honored to receive the 2016 US Foods Environmental Stewardship Award given by City of Raleigh.

We were honored to receive the 2016 Cool Congregations Award from Interfaith Power & Light.

We are grateful to the many community partner individuals and groups who have been with us every step of the way in this work.

The awards remind us to continue to work for justice for those least able to adapt to climate change.