Justice in a Changing Climate

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JCC's logo by Leah Jensen
when she was a
CUCC 4th grader
On May 20, 2007, the congregation voted to embark on a congregation-wide initiative to seek to address the challenges of global climate change and its impact on those least able to prepare.  With a history of advocacy for justice for people with the fewest material resources, we hope to contribute that perspective to the network of faith and community groups engaged with this challenge.

JCC members gather in the Smith's living room in discussion
Planning the CUCC Solar Array Project
Current projects
Cleaner, Greener, Better World Showcase of ideas for future work


Cooperative recycling

"As an earth scientist, I have learned a bit about how our incredible plan
et works. I am dismayed at what we humans have done, and continue to do to God's creation. I feel that my geological knowledge carries with it an extra responsibility to try to do what I can to preserve our environment for the future. All living things deserve a chance to live as God intended. The JCC gives me a chance to do something I have been longing for - to bring together my science and my faith." - Skip

pre-weatherization team group photo
Read about the pre-weatherization project
 at at the national UCC website
Anyone at CUCC is welcome to join the work of the Justice in a Changing Climate Steering Committee or one of the projects.  Much of the steering committee's work happens by email.  To be added to the conversation or for more information, contact Gary Smith.

Resolution adopted by Congregational Meeting May 2007. The congregation resolves...
That CUCC take as a congregational focus for the near future "Justice in a Changing Climate." That we lead by learning and acting. In particular, that we educate ourselves; change our practices; and provide an interfaith religious focal point and leadership on climate change and advocacy.

solar array on the roof of the Vaughan Wing
Solar array installed September 2015
Read about...

Intentions becoming Action - a history of the Justice in a Changing Climate Initiative

CUCC Solar Array Project

North Carolina Interfaith Power+Light - resource of information and action on stewardship of the earth
Why CUCC and why now?
Children in worship service - April 24, 2016
  • We see climate change and the environmental and human suffering it causes. 
  • We see that this change will likely have its largest impact on the poor. 
  • We see that environmental issues can divide rich and poor, and climate change solutions can overlook the impact on the poor. 
  • We see an increasing need for creative conservation and creative leadership to find solutions that work for the earth and all humans, rich and poor. 
  • We see CUCC’s long history of social justice leadership. 
  • We see that CUCC has a critical mass of leaders, interest in environmental protection and financial resources to support the work.

hand-carved wooden bowl on pedstal
Carved bowl and stand
City of Raleigh Award
Community UCC was honored to receive the 2016 US Foods Environmental Stewardship Award given by City of Raleigh.

We were honored to receive the 2016 Cool Congregations Award from Interfaith Power & Light.

We are grateful to the many community partner individuals and groups who have been with us every step of the way in this work.

The awards remind us to continue to work for justice for those least able to adapt to climate change.