More Documents

All Church Envisioning Process:  Retreat Report (Oct. 2012)    Survey Summary (Oct. 2012)

Choir  Sheet Music Index   Biblical Codes for the index

Covenant Among the People of Community UCC - a Safe Church commitment

Economic Justice Covenant (pdf) - (June 24, 2012)

Emergency Weather Cancellation Procedure (February 2017)

Floor plan
Drawing of the grounds and buildings which can be adapted for your group’s project.  Version August 2015
Flu season - Taking care of one another

Funeral Policy and Memorial Service Guidelines for Ushers

Historical Archives for Community UCC
This is a collection of documents, photos, videos, and audio recordings central to the history of Community United Church of Christ.
How to Collect the Offering

Just Peace Resolution

Last Wishes
Your Wishes at the Time of Your Death. This document allows you to have on file at the church such things as emergency contact information, actions to be taken in an emergency, and last wishes for the celebration of your life at the time of your death.

No concealed weapons on premises policy

OCWM (Our Church's Wider Mission)
OCWM is the acronym used to designate the contribution that churches in the UCC make to support the conference to which they belong (in our case the Southern Conference) and the national setting of the denomination. Edith Sylla, the CUCC historian, in 2015 wrote this history of CUCC's support through OCWM for the Southern Conference.
Open and Affirming Congregation Resolution (revised January 2011)

Organizational structure of the congregation

Renovation of building (2009)
We recognize with thanksgiving those whose generosity allowed us to complete the 2009 renovation projects to enhance our church home and place of worship.
Reimbursement requests (2018)

Requesting a room rental at CUCC

Resolutions and Vision Statements on Justice

Roberts Rules of Order
Roberts Rules of Order govern the process used at congregational meetings. This is a simple 5-page synopsis of Roberts' Rules.
Safe Church

Scheduling a Special Sunday Worship Focus

Time, Skill, and Talent Survey (for Property Ministry)

United Church of Christ website    Southern Conference website

Usher Duties -
2020 Usher's Schedule
For Sundays      complete     short version      really short version
For Memorial Services
Instructions for Using Wireless Microphone
Offering Collection

Video Equipment Instructions
The Fellowship Hall (Vaughan Wing) has a permanently installed flat-screen TV cabled to a DVD-player and VHS tape player. Instructions for use.

Wedding guidelines for use of the building, application form, and pastor's guidelines