Community Outreach Ministry

The Community Outreach Ministry (COM) introduces the congregation to opportunities to address the practical needs of people now.  We serve in local, state and national communities, as well as the wider United Church of Christ. In these many ways CUCC, through its Community Outreach Ministry, is living up to the scripture according to James 2:17-18 with its good works, so that its faith may live.

If you are inspired to work on a community project not listed here, bring your energy and talents to COM and we'll help you figure out how to get others at CUCC involved.

Have a few hours to give?  Consider one of these projects.  Some take a few hours one time, others are short-term projects, and a few allow you to build a sustained relationship with someone special.  The link tells you more about how you can be involved.  Contact information is on Breeze, our online directory.
  • Cook part of a meal for 70 women at the Helen Wright Center for Women (CUCC is scheduled for third Sundays).  Contact Charles Coble or Dawn Koonce about cooking or serving.
  • First Sunday is Food Sunday. Make a donation to that's month's local food charity.
  • Walk, donate or coordinate CUCC's team for the CROP Walk which raises funds to provide food to those who need it in our community. 
  • Walk, donate, or coordinate CUCC's team for Walk for Hope which raises funds for mental health research. 
  • Offer a welcoming smile to people who stop to chat at CUCC's OutRaleigh! table.  The 2021 effort will organize in the spring, but until then you can talk to Dawn Koonce.
  • Be on the small planning team for our Advent angel tree, a short-term project every fall.  
  • Fill in for one of our Meals on Wheels food delivery drivers when we have a vacation vacancy.  Look for substitute announcements in the CUCC Weekly eNews.
External Ministries Supported by COM

CUCC serves on the Boards of Directors of two local organizations which CUCC helped found.  If you have skills which you might share with their boards or a passion for affordable housing, please contact CUCC's current board representatives.
  • RICH Park Housing, a large apartment complex for low income residents.
  • Community Church Low Income Housing Corporation was founded by CUCC to manage a six-unit apartment building and a small home adjacent to the church.  Some units are reserved specifically for low income housing and all are rented at below market rates.