Communications Committee

If you have talents in any of the ways we communicate at CUCC, we welcome you to help us improve how we communicate at CUCC.  Talk to Jane Smith to offer your expertise.

Communication Resources
Want to get the word out at CUCC? Each CUCC member has his or her favorite source of information, so think duplication of communication! Remember that we have two Sunday worship services and that our members span the dawn of the digital age.

Ask the office to put your event on the calendar at the CUCC website. This is the "official" schedule of events. If you're planning a CUCC event (on site or off site), your event should be on the calendar. The calendar is also the system for reserving rooms.

CUCC Weekly eNews
Our office manager publishes the newsletter via email every week.  Send her your article electronically no later than Tuesday at 9AM.

If you join Facebook, you can post your announcement on the Community United Church of Christ Facebook page. Because Facebook is a more informal medium, you are welcome to include invitations to participate in your personal service and advocacy projects, invite others to join you at community events, or engage in conversation about life together.  Jane Smith serves as administrator.

Narthex/Fellowship Table
Set up an informational table in the narthex or at Fellowship. To schedule the space, contact the office.

Sunday Announcements
Write 2 or 3 sentences and email them to the office no later than Tuesday at 9AM, for the upcoming Sunday. The Sunday Announcements are distributed at both the Taizé and 10:30 worship.

The CUCC website is a place to:
  • publicize your upcoming CUCC event
  • report the work of your ministry or committee
  • announce church news
  • enlist help with church projects
  • share ideas with other church members
  • and many other things.
Who maintains CUCC's communications?
The Communications Committee is a committee of the Welcoming and Fellowship Ministry. Working with the Office Manager, we maintain the communication tools which help CUCC members stay in touch and be involved. Technology is always changing, so we are delighted when people volunteer to expand our presence in the community in new ways; talk to Jane Smith to offer your expertise.