Social Justice Ministry

Current projects

For election season 2019

CUCC's Social Justice Ministry is represented in Congregations for Social Justice (CSJ). CSJ's Affordable Housing Task Force has produced a voter guide with statements by candidates for Raleigh City Council on affordable housing.  Social Justice Ministry shares these answers with you as you deliberate your selections for public office this October 8.

Proposed resolution
A resolution calling on the United Church of Christ to advocate and act to change the Cash Bail Bond System to Eliminate Racial and Social Injustices Inherent in the Present System  Read proposed resolution here

What does CUCC's Social Justice Ministry do?

Social Justice Ministry brochure
By tradition, we study, discuss, and advocate for public and corporate policies that an unofficial consensus of the church membership deems important. These policies are centered on such issues as peace, justice, equality, and integrity of our institutions.

We research initiatives and consult with experts.  Then we invite the congregation to act through prayers, letters, petitions, rallies, visits, and donations.

The ministry sponsor's the congregation's annual Carolyn and Cyrus King Peace and Justice Awards.

When CUCC people are going to a rally or protest, get an email or text alert so you can join us.  Sign up for "JUST SHOW UP for Social Justice" alerts.

“I feel like I'm doing something.  It is great to be and work with such well grounded people... The Spirit feels present ....” - Gary

According to the Community United Church of Christ Constitution, the Social Justice Ministry is “called to discern and act upon issues relevant to the Social Gospel within God’s created world, be they local, state, national, or international and to be witness for justice and peace.” The church By-laws state that "Members are empowered to identify areas of special need in the community or social issues which need special attention, and to form task force groups from the congregation to work on these needs and issues."

Mike Soboeiro speaks on outreach to the community
In thus following the tradition of the Social Gospel, the Social Justice Ministry fulfills in part Article II of our constitution.
“. . . . to render loving service toward human kind; and to strive for righteousness, justice, and peace.”

The Carolyn and Cy King Peace and Justice Awards for 2015 were presented on April 12 during Sunday worship
This video includes the sermon and the presentations and comments by recipients.

We recommend these organizations for information and suggestions for action.  CUCC contributed to their work in 2018.
Clean Water for North Carolina - environment
Common Cause North Carolina - democracy building
Democracy North Carolina - democracy building
Farm Sanctuary - rescuing farm animals
League of Women Voters of Wake County - democracy building
LGBT Center of Raleigh - serving LGBT people
NAACP of North Carolina - justice coalition
NC Conservation Network - environment
NC Council of Churches - faith and democracy building
North Carolina Interfaith Power & Light - environment
North Carolina Justice Center - justice system
North Carolinians Against Gun Violence - peace building (US)
Witness for Peace - Southeast - human rights
Manzoor Cheema - social justice activist

Resources to borrow from CUCC
Take home the latest Sojourners magazine (literature rack in hall) or books from the CUCC library.